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lørdag 29. desember 2007

Oki I'm There

Half a year after I created my blog he,he here we go!!!
After many people ask me about being updated about my life in Australia and what I'm doing here is the site you need to go to if you wanna be that. He,he.
 only three weeks until I leaving Norway, aaaah sooo close. Abit scared for going out in the big world alone but God is always good, and as long I'm with him I don't need to fear anything sooo that is good. 
Three weeks. oooh that is is super fast. I haven't got my Visa for Australia yet. eeeh I haven't applied yet either, he,he. But I will do it pretty soon. he,he  
Pray for that it will go fast and smooth,
My dts is starting the 13 of february but I will leave from Norway 20 of January. I shall meet a friend and snowboard and learn a bit more English. Really hope it will be better. I'm a bit scared for that(my english he,he) so keep that in prayer too if you pray for me.  
Oki doki that was all for now. 
Marry Christmas and the best wishes for the new year. Have fun!!!

just one picture from Vietnam so you would not be that bored to read my blog. 
Oki That is everything

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torsdag 5. juli 2007

Blogg created

blogg created